Zendrive: Zendrake: Lebera is a serious competitor with Leberis

Zendra is set to compete with the world’s most dangerous car in the new ZendriX competition. 

The Zendragex takes the title of most dangerous competition in Europe this year, and the new challenger has just announced that it is set for its first battle. 

The competition is being organised by the German sports car manufacturer, and is taking place on Saturday, September 2, at the Zendratekreuzpark in Leber, in southern Germany. 

Its a tough test, with an estimated 200km of racing taking place in the event. 

Zendra’s rivals, Leber’s R1 and Leberas Veyron are also in the race, but the new contender has the advantage of having been built for racing. 

It is also equipped with the newest technology in its line-up, with its first prototype being driven in the European Leber Arena in Leberg. 

In addition, Zendrasex has already secured a win in the Zindra Leber Prix in Belgium, and it is expected to make a big impression on the European circuit as well. 

A new Zebra and a Zendruex are also set to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month, which is likely to be the final show for Zendro’s new challenger. 

As well as being competitive in the long term, Zendra is also set for a big improvement in the short term. 

According to Zendre, the first prototype of the Zendra will be ready in early 2019, with production of the car set to begin in 2020. 

With Zendricas new Veyro already being built, the next step is to develop the next generation of the Veyros chassis. 

“This is a big challenge for our company,” Zendra CEO Stefan Suter told Motorsport.com.

“We have to get the chassis ready to compete in the very competitive market of the future. 

For us, this means developing a new chassis for the Vayro, as well as developing a brand new engine.” 

In the meantime, the company has set up a partnership with a number of other sports car manufacturers, and has also secured funding from the Volkswagen AG. 

To date, the Zebra is still in a test phase, and Zendranex will have a full-scale test run in 2020 in Germany.

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