You’ll never use your hotel keys in a car again

An Australian company says it will soon be offering hotels the option of “keyless entry” for cars, a feature that could make travel safer and more convenient.

Keyless entry is a way for hotel rooms to be accessed using a smartphone or other electronic device.

It can be enabled by the guest’s hotel reservation or by a smartphone app.

But hotels are still limited to one device per guest.

Hotel security expert Michael Kostov told Business Insider the feature would be especially useful for hotel guests in remote areas.

“Keyless security is already available for hotel stays, but it’s quite limited,” Kostovev said.

“If you are a hotel guest who travels long distances, you don’t need it.

Keyless entry will be available in the hotels for guests to use.”

There are several hotel rooms that offer this service.

We are working with the hotels to make it available to guests in these areas, but at the moment the only hotel that offers it is in Sydney.

“A keyless entry system for hotels would be similar to what Apple introduced in the iPhone and iPad in 2013, allowing guests to unlock their devices from their phones.

But KeyLocker is also looking to bring the same functionality to cars.

KeyLocker locks hotel rooms by unlocking the keyring of a passenger.

In a car, the key is placed in the ignition.

Once the key’s in the lock, the car’s sensors can then unlock the car using its driver’s key.

This unlocks the door and can only be accessed if a car has the right passcode, or if a keychain is nearby.

KeyLock can also be used in hotels by unlocking guests’ phones using a device like an iPhone.

If the hotel’s guest service manager has not activated the keyless key, the hotel can then use an Android smartphone or tablet to access the hotel using the guest device’s smartphone app, as long as it’s unlocked and has a keycode.

Keylock can also work in car parking lots, where keys can be locked in the boot of the car and keyless access unlocked when the car parks.”

If we were to introduce this in Australia, we would see the impact across the industry, because this could be the platform that gives us a real-world, easy-to-use solution for hotels and car parks,” Kastov said.”

This is a real platform that we can look to take on to create our own solutions, and we’re working with all the hotel chains in Australia to ensure this works as smoothly as possible.

“KeyLocks can also have other uses for hotels, as a way to keep guest rooms locked up during emergencies, but Kostova said hotels should be careful not to implement keyless security without first consulting their guests.”

Read more about the hotel industry here”

[We want to] work with the hotel to make sure it’s working for the hotel.”

Read more about the hotel industry here

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