When will we get security doors?

A new study has found that the chances of a device being breached are increasing in the near future, as new features in smartphones and tablets push the average smartphone to be 10 times more secure than a regular one.

The research, by security consultancy FireEye, analysed nearly 400 million Android phone records in order to understand the state of security in the world’s smartphone operating system.

As more people adopt smartphones, the chances that an Android device could be hacked increases.

Security devices are the ones that make the most money, but even those devices can be hacked at any time, and many devices have an extra layer of protection to make them more resilient.

The findings show that the average Android smartphone is now 10 times safer than the average PC, and that in five years’ time the average device is going to be 20 times safer, compared to today.

In fact, FireEye found that in 2017, the average security device is more likely to be a laptop than a desktop computer.

In addition, the researchers found that nearly two-thirds of Android devices today have features that increase the risk of a compromise, from the Android operating system to third-party apps installed in the device.

FireEye also found that mobile security is growing rapidly, and the majority of the Android devices now have more security features than before.

While the research is still in its early stages, the company believes that security is becoming increasingly important for consumers.

The research found that by 2021, smartphone security will be “in a class by itself” with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and others dominating the market, with Apple’s iOS 9 and Google’s Android 7 being the only two operating systems that are still “on par” with Android devices.

Fireeye also found a trend that will become even more evident as Android devices grow older, and older devices become more vulnerable.

The study found that smartphones are expected to outlive the entire smartphone industry, and by 2021 more than 60% of Android phones will be more than 10 years old.

The researchers say that in the next five years, security on Android devices will become increasingly more important, as smartphone manufacturers look to build devices that will remain more secure over the long term.

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