When the Trump administration is at war with the security forces of Thailand

By Ryan Lizza The Associated PressA White House spokesman has said President Donald Trump’s administration is seeking a review of the military’s role in the arrest and detention of political dissidents and human rights activists in Thailand, a country that Trump’s campaign said was a “terrorist safe haven.”

Thailand is a key U.S. ally in Southeast Asia.

But Trump’s recent decision to end a program that gives military advisers immunity from prosecution for abuses against protesters and political opponents, and his criticism of the country’s legal system, have raised questions about how he would support the Thai government if it were in the crosshairs of U.K. officials.

“We are in a position to determine if the policies of the United States have contributed to the circumstances that led to the arrests and the detention of a significant number of people,” National Security Council spokesman Ned Price said in a statement.

Price did not say when the review would take place, but he made clear that the issue was not just an internal White House discussion.

He said that Trump has been “concerned about the situation in Thailand for some time,” and has sought to reach out to the country to “discuss our shared values and concerns.”

“The United States is concerned about the actions of the Thai Government and of the police and other law enforcement authorities,” Price said.

“The United State has made clear to Thailand that we stand ready to help provide a safe environment for those who are expressing their political views in Thailand.”

Thai officials have long complained that they are under pressure from U.N. member states and human-rights groups to crack down on political dissidents, and have sought to stifle criticism of their crackdown on protesters by authorities who have been accused of violating human rights.

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, a close ally of Trump, announced the end of the U.T.O. program on Friday, citing concerns that it would create a “hostile environment” for free speech in the country.

The U.R.N.-backed Committee Against Torture, which has accused Thailand of being a state sponsor of terrorism, has called for a full review of Thailand’s military role in arresting dissidents.

The group said in January that Thailand was “a safe haven” for terrorism suspects.

The group also has accused Thai security forces, which are known to carry out beatings, ill-treatment and arbitrary arrests of political opponents.

Thailand’s armed forces say they are upholding a law against terrorism that allows them to detain anyone they deem “hostiles” without charge.

The Thai military says it is doing all it can to uphold the law and defend its constitutional order.

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