Security expert warns hackers are on the prowl for hackers in home automation systems

Security researcher Ben Diamandis said his research suggests that hackers are actively targeting home automation products. 

“I’ve found a number of home automation devices which have been targeted by attackers in recent months,” he wrote in an update on Friday.

“While this isn’t necessarily a new trend, this is the first time that a product has been targeted specifically in this manner. 

The majority of home appliances are designed to help keep your house warm and cool.

These products include heaters, fans, lights, and thermostats.

These devices are typically powered by a battery and can be used as a backup or even a primary source of heat and power.”

Diamandise said the home automation companies are using malware to attack the security of these devices.

“The problem is that these devices have the ability to be modified or disabled.

If you turn them off, they can be turned on, and you can turn them on and off remotely,” he explained. 

DiamANDIS explained that the researchers have identified a number different ways that attackers can alter a home automation device, including changing the name of the firmware or firmware update. 

It’s important to note that home automation isn’t a new area of cybersecurity.

“We see it a lot in the financial services industry, as well as in the healthcare industry,” DiamANDis said.

“In these industries, it’s not uncommon for an individual or organization to have malware installed on their home automation equipment.”

Diasandis explained that he believes these attackers are looking for ways to target security flaws in these products.

“I believe the real reason they are targeting home appliances is because they’re very easy to hack, and they have an awful lot of vulnerabilities in them,” he said. 

According to Diamandais, the most recent home automation security breaches are tied to the home-automation industry.

“At least 20 different home automation manufacturers have reported a vulnerability in at least one of their products in the past year,” he noted. 

This research is just the latest in a string of breaches at home automation that have exposed vulnerabilities that could be used to compromise security systems.

In March, hackers breached an entire factory in China, including several of the country’s largest companies. 

In May, the Home Automation Security Lab discovered an intrusion into a home-control network in a suburban Dallas area home. 

That same month, a hacker released a worm known as Kaspersky Alpha that has since been used to breach the networks of more than 100,000 homes in the United States.

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