‘Security door locks are not a threat’: FBI chief says security is key to keeping them safe

Security door locks can’t prevent the theft of valuable goods from warehouses, office buildings and homes, but that doesn’t mean they are no longer a threat to them, a top federal law enforcement official said on Tuesday.

The FBI chief said that the agency’s “security door locks” are still a critical part of preventing the theft from an office building, warehouse or other location where they are not secured. 

“The door locks have not been a significant threat to the agency,” said Robert Hobbs, the acting assistant director for the bureau’s National Security Division.

“We do have a process in place to address that.

We’re making sure it’s well documented, that we are doing a thorough investigation, and we’re taking the steps that we have to take to protect our workers and our communities.”

The door-lock industry has struggled in recent years as companies have increasingly turned to self-locking door locks, often as an alternative to locks designed to protect employees.

The lock is designed to stop a person entering a locked room without permission, but it can also be used to keep someone else from leaving a room, locking doors, and generally keeping the inside of a building safe from intruders. 

The National Association of Home Builders and the Home Hardware Manufacturers Association, which represents the locksmiths, have both said that security door-locks are not needed to keep people safe.

“We think the door lock is a really good option for people to secure themselves,” said James Goss, the organization’s vice president of government relations and public affairs. 

However, the Home Buildin’ Association and the National Association for Home Improvement have warned that security doors should be considered when choosing a lock for a new home. 

While the Home Building Industry Association of America says the doors on the exterior of homes should be locked with a combination lock and a padlock, Hobbs told reporters at a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Wednesday that door locks on doors to secure offices and warehouses should be included in the same set of security measures. 

Hobbs also suggested that security guards and other workers should wear body armor and protective gear when entering buildings, but did not elaborate on what that would look like. 

For its part, the National Federation of Home Improvement Associations, which has more than 600,000 members, has called on the Department of Homeland Security to establish a national standard for the use of security door locking.

“There’s a real need for more people to understand that we’re not saying we don’t want doors locked,” said FHIA president and CEO Michael O’Brien.

“But it’s not that people don’t need to lock their doors, it’s just that there’s a lot of different ways that people can lock their door and that they can do that in a way that doesn�t create a situation where someone can break in.” 

Hobbybs’ comments came a day after the FBI announced that it has found “no evidence of a security threat” to the door locks used to protect office buildings, warehouses and other locations, a move that came after an FBI task force reviewed nearly 700,000 door locks to determine if they were still effective.

Hobb said that investigators also discovered no evidence that the devices used to secure doors were ever compromised, a key element that led to the conclusion that the FBI did not have to investigate any security incidents at the sites it protects.

The decision not to investigate security incidents may also have implications for other types of lock devices that are not widely used for storing and locking property, including home locks.

The FBI has found that some of the key devices used by home owners to lock doors are also used by burglars and that some locks have become widely used to store stolen property.

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