Red security door with glass security screen

A security door has been installed at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne as a result of the deadly shooting at the Australian Games.

Key points:The security doors were designed by security firm BluepointSecurity and will be used in all of the state’s venuesThe glass security screens were installed at all venues at the 2018 Commonwealth GamesThe doors will be available from early FebruaryRed security doors are used at all Commonwealth Games venuesThe security guards at the games have been called out to guard against potential attacksThe Red security doors have been installed by security company Bluepoint Security.

They have a security guard at each door and are designed to be as simple to use as possible, said Bluepoint’s head of security, Mark O’Connor.

“We’re not going to build them with a lot of bells and whistles,” he said.

“It’s not going be like a fancy glass security barrier.

It’s a really simple thing to do.”

Security guards at Commonwealth GamesIn Melbourne, security guards will be stationed outside every venue.

The security gates will also be available for public viewing during the Commonwealth games.

The Red Security doors have already been installed in all Commonwealth games venues and will also go into use during the Sydney 2020 Olympics, Mr O’Connors said.

Security guard at the Sydney Olympic GamesThe Sydney Olympic Organising Committee (SOOC) said it would be “extremely disappointed” if Bluepoint security were to breach the security of the venues during the games.

“Bluepoint Security’s security design is the best in the industry, but we know it’s a risk,” the Sydney SOOC said in a statement.

“The security of our venues is our first priority and we are committed to protecting them.”

For that reason, SOOC has been asked to review security plans in the event of a breach of security at the Games.”SOOC is confident in the security arrangements being in place and will continue to monitor the situation closely.”

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