RCMP says scotch bottle stolen from RCMP office in Halifax

A scotched bottle containing the contents of a scotchy RCMP office was stolen from the RCMP’s headquarters in Halifax on Tuesday night.RCMP Const.

Jason Fergus said an employee was carrying a bottle of scotches in his backpack when he saw it in his own office and took it for a sniff test.

He said he was not sure what it was and took some precautions when it was returned to his office.

Fergus said he and other RCMP staff did not realize they had the bottle until it was reported to them by CBC News on Wednesday morning.

“It is not a big deal for me because we were pretty new to this sort of thing, so we didn’t think anything of it,” he said.

Ferguson said the scotche was the only one in his office that night.

“The staff was in the office and it wasn’t really a big thing to them.

They did not know what it is and it’s a pretty rare thing to see in the area,” he added.

Fergus said he is not sure how the bottle got in, but said it is likely that someone opened the lock on the door and walked out.

He added that the RCMP was aware of the incident, and has issued a warning to employees in the offices.

“We’ve taken it very seriously,” he explained.

The RCMP said in a statement that the bottle was taken without any prior notice.

“There is no reason for this bottle to have been left in our headquarters and if it was, it would have been reported to us as soon as possible,” the statement said.

“A report will be made to the appropriate departmental authorities if the matter is deemed to be suspicious.”

Fergus, who is also the senior security officer in the Halifax Regional Police, said he didn’t realize that there were any scotcks in the front door, or that there was an ongoing investigation.

“I didn’t know there were scotcs in the door.

I just assume it is just a bottle that’s sitting there,” he told CBC News.

Fired in 2015The bottle was stolen on the evening of Oct. 11, 2015, Fergus recalled.

It’s not clear what was inside, but Fergus was told the scots were used in a paintball machine, and that the contents were used to create the paintball.

Firies spokesperson Chris Naughton said in an email to CBC News that Fergus will not face any disciplinary action.

“This is a very unfortunate incident for our office and our employees, and we take the safety of our staff and visitors very seriously, Forts spokesperson said in the email.”

Any incident of this nature is handled appropriately and promptly.

“Ferges office is located in the building that houses the RCMP headquarters.

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