Open door security: New security measures announced for the new year

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced new measures to prevent criminals from entering New York City in 2018, including more cameras in subway stations and a new security system for subway entrances.

New York State Police Chief Joseph Clancy said the new measures are part of a “more proactive” approach to deter criminals from coming into the state.

“We are taking bolder steps than we have ever taken in New York,” Clancy said at a press conference on Tuesday, according to a press release.

“We are doing more, we are taking greater action.”

Clancy said the cameras will be placed throughout subway stations, as well as along the entrances to subway stations.

He also announced that NYPD will deploy a fleet of high-tech “eyes” that will be installed in subway entrances to make sure that no one enters the city without being seen.

“It is imperative that New Yorkers are protected, and that no criminal is able to access our city,” he said.

Clancy added that New York has had a “decade of unparalleled security,” and that the New York Police Department will continue to improve its efforts to prevent crime.

New Yorkers will also have the option to purchase their own security camera at $100 a pop.

In addition, new security measures will be implemented for subway stations in the city.

The new security cameras will also be installed throughout the entrances of subway stations along the northbound and southbound subway lines, as new security features will be introduced into the stations.

A New York Times article from January said that the new cameras will have “eyes on every station” in the state, allowing New Yorkers to be alerted if there are suspicious individuals entering their area.

“If we are going to be safe, New Yorkers have to be prepared,” said Clancy.

“They can’t just rely on me to know what is going on.”

Clanley also announced on Tuesday that the NYPD will start a program to give out free tickets to people who have never been arrested in the past.

He said that if people are found to be committing crimes, the tickets will be given out free of charge.

Clanly said that those who do not have a criminal record should not be arrested.

“No one should be able to go and rob someone, steal their credit card, rape someone, or commit any of the things that they would normally be charged with,” Clancy told the Times.

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