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Security doors: A new frontier in Australian security article A new wave of Australian security doors is on the cards, with security officials promising a number of new features that will make the country’s existing doors much safer and more convenient.

The new doors are expected to be rolled out by the end of next year.

The Australian National University’s Dr Andrew Smith said the new security doors would be built into the existing security doors in a “small and lightweight” package that is meant to make them more accessible and more secure.

He said the doors would offer “very strong and secure” features that could be applied to doors at other points of entry.

“It is about putting the security doors on top of existing security devices that we already have, and the way we have them, the existing doors,” Smith told Al Jazeera.

The first new door will be fitted with an embedded infrared camera that will record the contents of a backpack in the event the backpack is stolen.

The camera would also be able to remotely access a locked door if there is an intruder.

Other features include a new, “push-button” on the rear of the door that will automatically lock it when the door is open, and a “safety lock” that locks the door when the person pushes a button on the door.

Other security features include an infrared camera and a safety lock that lock the door if the person is pushed to the point of danger.

“We want to be as close to the door as possible and as simple as possible,” Smith said.

He explained the doors were designed to have features that were both “unhackable” and “very robust”.

Smith said it was not clear when the security door would be introduced to the country.

He added that while he had not seen any public announcements about the technology, “I have seen some reports” that the doors might be in the works in Australia.

“I’m sure we will see them coming to Australia,” he said.

The next generation of Australian door design will likely have a number other new features.

A new model of door is expected to include a metal bar that can be pushed down and locked when the user pushes the button, a “push lock” system that can open a door if someone presses a button, and new “smart lock” technology that will use sensors to automatically unlock a door when someone pushes a key.

Smith said these features would likely be included in a number more door designs.

He described the security features as “something that will probably come into use in a lot of our existing doors”.

“They are going to be quite unique and unique to the system that we have, that we can use,” he added.

Smith, who has been working on the project for several years, said that while the technology was not yet ready to be deployed in the real world, “we are very close”.

Security door design is still in its early stages, but it is expected that the door design, like many of Australia’s existing security technologies, will come to Australia in the near future.

Smith described the new doors as a “new frontier” in the security industry.

“This is really a major leap forward, and it is the next step in Australia’s security door evolution,” he told AlJazeera.

The National University security expert, who was not involved in the research, said the door designs could also be applied elsewhere in Australia, in areas such as hospitals, schools and prisons.

“The doors are really unique to Australia and will make Australia safer and a lot more convenient,” he explained.

The technology has already been used in the United States, and Smith said there was a chance that Australia might see the same technology used in other areas in the future.

“That technology is being developed by a lot, and I’m not sure when it will be deployed,” he noted.

Smith has also been working with a team at the University of Sydney to develop an “Australian” door design that is much closer to the Australian standard.

Smith also said that Australian researchers had already designed the doors themselves, and had found that they could be used in both public and private buildings.

“In the public sector, they can be used with standardised security equipment, so they are very secure, and also, in a private sector, it’s much easier to build,” he observed.

“But it’s a lot harder in private enterprise because the door has to be installed and it has to come with a lot less infrastructure to do it.”

Australian National Bank (ANB) security chief Peter Brown said the ANB had been developing new security systems in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Criminology, and that the ANA was “making a commitment to build new technologies and capabilities in a cost-effective way”.

Brown added that the bank was looking to invest in research to improve security in the private sector.

“If you want to invest, you can’t do that unless you know what you’re getting into,” Brown said.

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