New Android security camera for smartphones and tablets features an exterior door sensor

Next Big Futures article New Android cameras feature an exterior “door sensor” to make it possible to protect a device from thieves, as the technology moves to smartphones and mobile tablets.

The technology is a collaboration between Google, Nokia and Huawei.

It’s a new kind of security camera, which combines camera sensors with an interior sensor to give users the ability to turn a door into a surveillance camera.

The security camera will be available in a variety of sizes, and is intended for Android smartphones, tablets and other devices.

It also integrates a special software component that allows the camera to detect movement in the area around the camera, as well as the presence of people and objects in the background.

The cameras can also be used to lock doors.

“If someone is in the house, they can hear the door opening and the lights turning on, but we can’t detect if they are actually inside,” said Arne Sørensen, a security researcher at Nokia.

“This is a big improvement over what’s already been done.”

Google has been working on cameras for mobile devices since 2010.

In 2012, it launched the “Nokia Camera” project, which included the Nokia X2 and the Nokia Lumia 930.

The camera on the Nokia flagship, the Nokia Y, has a “door detector” in the camera housing that turns it into a security camera.

But the security cameras that Nokia has worked on in the past have been primarily aimed at smartphones and Android devices.

“The security cameras on Android phones have generally been focused on one application or another,” said Søen.

“We wanted to develop a camera that would be a perfect fit for Android devices and also a camera for other applications.”

In its announcement, Nokia said it is aiming for security cameras with sensors “similar to the one used in door sensors, with a small aperture, and an image sensor that can capture motion.”

This “focuses on a single purpose: to help protect the home,” Nokia said.

The Nokia camera will have a resolution of 4,560×2,880 pixels and will be able to capture 1,080 pixels per second.

The sensor is also “focal-length-matched,” meaning it will have to capture light from different angles, which could include the light from windows and light from a car.

The camera is also equipped with “anti-mirroring” technology that allows it to block out reflections in the light, Nokia says.

The software is also capable of recording a continuous video stream, which is a common way to record a video from a camera.

“This camera is based on an innovative sensor architecture with a unique approach for protecting a device, such as an interior door,” Nokia’s Amit Singhal, who is leading the project, wrote in the company’s blog.

“It’s designed to capture images in real time and store them on a cloud platform.”

According to Nokia, the camera will also be able “to record video from outside the camera’s range.”

The company will use an external camera to record the video.

Nokia said that the camera is designed to be “as simple to operate as possible” and that it will be compatible with smartphones and other mobile devices.

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