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Security doors in the world have proven to be one of the most secure doors on the planet.

Now they’ve also become the most insecure, according to a new study.

The most secure door to an apartment complex or building, according the researchers, is located in the lobby of the building.

Researchers from the International Institute of Strategic Studies in Germany found that the most security doors on a building were in the elevator shafts, while the most common security doors were located in elevator lobbies.

In addition, security screens were found to be the most vulnerable part of the security system, with the majority of them failing to keep the user safe.

“Most people would agree that the safest and most secure way to enter a building is through an elevator shaft,” said study co-author Christian Reuter, an IT security researcher.

“But security screens have become so popular that they have become the least secure of the key systems.”

It’s easy to get into an elevator, but the most dangerous places to get in are the elevator doors.

“Even if you are a professional security guard, you have to make a decision whether or not to take a risk and try to climb up onto an elevator,” said Reuter.

He added that elevator doors should be installed to prevent access to the elevator from someone else.

However, security doors have not been designed to protect from theft or vandalism.

The researchers also found that security screens could also become insecure if they are installed with too much space for the door to expand.

They recommended that security doors be installed with more space to allow the doors to expand when the user wants to use them.

“We are not saying that the security screen should be the only key system,” said Martin Fussenegger, a security engineer at the German Security Research Institute (ESS) and one of two co-authors on the study.

“It should be a system which is easy to use and which is designed to be secure.”

The study is being published in the Journal of Security Research.

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