How to remove your key from your door in a single keystroke (but don’t remove it yet)

I was going to try and make a guide to unlocking your door using just a key and an alphanumeric keypad. 

I did have to go a bit further to get there though.

I tried using a USB key, but the USB key didn’t work for me.

So, instead, I bought a cheap alphanumerical keypad that I had lying around. 

It worked, but not in a good way. 

So I started thinking about other methods to get my door unlocked. 

What do I do if my key is damaged or missing?

What if I don’t know what to do with the key?

How do I replace the key if I lose it? 

In the end, I decided that I needed a new keypad because my keys are no longer functioning properly. 

In this guide, I’m going to give you the step-by-step steps to get your door unlocked using a keypad, and what you should do if the key is not working. 


The keypad itself: If your keypad does not work for you, then there’s a lot of potential here. 

This might be because your key has been damaged, damaged keypad or keypad is defective. 

Or maybe you just don’t like the look of a cheap plastic keypad which is not very functional. 

If this is the case, you might want to get a new one, as you’ll have to take a break from the process. 


A replacement keypad: You’ll probably want to buy a replacement key pad if you are replacing the one you already have. 

You can find cheap plastic replacement keypads at most stores or on Amazon, as well as from reputable companies like Keypad and Keychain. 


Laptop or tablet keypad replacement: While laptop or tablet keys are much more reliable than plastic ones, they may not work with a cheap keypad (or the right keypad) if your laptop is damaged. 

Some laptops have a built-in keypad on the bottom, which can be a much better solution for you. 

To find out more about laptop keypad replacements, read the Guide to laptop keypad replacements. 


Digital keypad repair: Many digital keypasses are more reliable and cheaper than their plastic counterparts, and are able to work with more laptops than plastic keypacs. 

However, digital keypad repairs are more expensive, so you might be better off getting a new digital key pad. 


Computer keypad removal: The easiest way to get rid of your computer keypad after you’ve replaced it is by removing the plastic key. 


Windows keypad and laptop key pad replacement:There are several options to get Windows keypards or laptop key pads replaced. 

Microsoft has a great article on the topic here. 

 You can also use a computer repair program, or if you’re buying a laptop or desktop PC, you can use a reseller, as Microsoft does not carry a wide range of brands. 

For more information on the various options for replacing your keypicks and keys, read our guide to Windows keypad replacing. 


Home automation keypad/keypad replacement You may have heard of HomeJoy, or HomeLink. 

These are little portable digital keypanels that are used in many types of home automation systems. 

Many of these can also be used to replace your existing keypans. 

While you won’t need to purchase a HomeJoy keypad directly, you could buy a HomeLink keypad (for example, from a local hardware store), or buy one for $3-5 (and you could use it as a replacement for your old keypad). 

These HomeJoy digital keyboards can be bought from most hardware stores and online. 


Smart lock HomeKey is a similar smart lock to Smart Lock. 

 It is not designed to replace the original Smart Lock keypad but can be used as a substitute. 


Door lock keypad & keypad upgrade There are a lot more options for getting a door lock or a smart lock repaired. 

As a general rule, it’s best to use a reputable repair shop. 

And for a better chance of getting a replacement door lock keypane, check out this post by the awesome Jason Schultz. 


Easier door lock repair:Some manufacturers have made door lock door switches available for a fraction of the cost of regular door locks. 

There’s also a number of ways to upgrade your door lock keypad.

The best way to upgrade an existing door lock is to purchase an upgrade kit from a reputable company. 

Check out this guide

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