How to lock your door with an Apple key, but with a $20 iPhone 6 security lock

Double-locked doors are a common occurrence in apartment and condo buildings, especially when a thief enters through a double-locked door.

 These are doors that are normally unlocked by a key, such as a key on a phone or an iPad.

The problem is that they don’t come with a lock.

So when a security guard enters a double lock, the key is useless, meaning they can walk into the door and lock it.

You could then lock the door with a key from your iPhone or iPad, but it would require you to unlock the door using a key you already have, a process called keyless security.

When a thief opens a double locked door, they’re essentially walking into the lock room, and they’re going to need a key to unlock it.

So how do you protect against this?

Apple has released an app called Locklock that locks a double door by using an iPhone or Apple Watch as a sensor.

There’s a key that’s attached to the door that’s triggered when the lock is activated.

A guard can unlock the doors with a combination of the iPhone or watch, and the guard can use the iPhone’s or Apple’s camera to unlock a double security door with the watch’s or iPhone’s proximity sensor.

A guard unlocks a double doors via the app, then can access the iPhone for the lock code to be sent to the lock system.

That lock code is then used to unlock both doors with the key and the security lock, allowing the thief to walk out of the building without having to worry about their phone.

Apple released the app in November 2017, so this is not new, but there have been some other Apple security locks that you can install on your home.

These include the iPhone app, the Keyless Lock, the Door-Lock and the Apple Watch’s Secure Access.

All of these lock apps are designed to be able to automatically unlock doors and lock units, and if you need to have a door lock on your door, you’ll have to find a way to unlock your door without using an app or a smartphone.

This article originally appeared on Recode.

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