How to fix a security door that’s too small and awkward to fit

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung has announced a new way of hiding its devices inside your home.

The company is releasing a new set of security doors, known as Security Door Unlock, which it says are a “better fit for homes where you want a little more privacy than traditional lockpicks”.

This is despite the fact that Samsung is known for its lockpickers, and these doors will likely be used by more people than the company has revealed in the past.

Samsung is using a proprietary “smart door” technology that can unlock a door with a tap of the home button.

This is the first time Samsung has unveiled a security device that doesn’t require a fingerprint.

The new security door unlocks by unlocking the door with your finger and holding it down for about five seconds, before pushing it down.

Samsung says the doors “can be opened using your voice to let the user know the door is open, and a series of sensors detect when you push it down.”

It adds that the door “can unlock with a push of your hand, or by simply using the door as a latch, without unlocking it by pressing the button”.

This should make these doors “very useful to those who live with roommates or family members”, and “would make your life a little easier if you have a home full of devices that are not easily accessible by the door.”

Security Door Lock and Unlocking the door can be done in just a few seconds, but you’re going to need a security key.

The door can also be unlocked with a simple push of the door handle or a button on the door itself.

Once the door has been unlocked, you can open it with your fingerprint, but the fingerprint is only needed if the door isn’t already unlocked.

It’s also worth noting that these doors don’t have the same kind of fingerprint reader as Samsung’s other security devices, such as the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung said it uses a fingerprint sensor on the rear of the Security Door Door Unlock.

It also uses an infrared sensor on top of the rear glass that detects when the door opens.

There are no other keypads found on the security doors.

The Security Door Secure Door is available now, and it will be available to purchase in October.

The Samsung Security Door is priced at $399.99.

You can find the Security door unlock in the Samsung Home Security app for free.

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