How to avoid being mugged on the streets of Rome

If you are on the street and a group of muggers appear, don’t give them the slip!

It’s common to hear from those that have been mugged that they should have a good strategy to escape the situation.

Some of us have been told by friends that we need to hide in a corner, or hide in the shadows, and that the best way to avoid getting mugged is to hide and stay in a place where you can’t be seen by the muggers.

Here are some tips that will help you avoid being attacked while on the road.

Do not be afraid to open your door.

Most of us are familiar with the feeling of opening our door to a mugger or stranger who is trying to get inside.

If you feel you are in a safe location, the first thing you should do is open your front door.

If possible, make a quick exit.

If this is not possible, walk towards the corner or away from the street.

Do you want to stay in your house or apartment and avoid getting attacked?

If so, do not be tempted to let a stranger in.

Make sure to close all windows and doors and secure your doors and windows to prevent any potential intruders.

Do NOT get involved in a confrontation with a mugging group.

They are not looking to be violent.

They just want to get your money.

You should not give them any more money than they are asking for.

Get yourself to a safe place.

If there are people with guns on the other side of the street, do NOT go inside.

Keep your weapons out of the reach of any muggers and don’t let them have them.

Do the same for your front gate.

If someone approaches, open the gate and lock the doors, keeping your door locked.

Stay in your home or apartment.

Do something that is normally done at night.

When you are at home, open your curtains and leave the door to the street unlocked.

Stay away from windows, and don´t look at the street or the sidewalk.

Keep away from any windows or door that might be used as a lookout.

You might have heard that you should not use a phone while driving.

That is a good advice, but it is not necessary.

Do this while the roads are still clear.

Do whatever you can to stay safe while on your way to work or school.

If at any point, you are attacked and do not have the time to flee, there is a chance you could be killed or maimed.

Stay alert.

If a group or individual approaches you while you are walking, it is a signal to the group to follow you.

Do so, but do not get too close to them or they will approach you.

If they decide to follow, they will do it in a violent manner.

You will be in danger if you have a gun in your hand, if you are carrying your wallet, or if you carry a purse or wallet.

Keep walking and do your best to remain calm.

If your group or person gets close enough, you can try to run away, but be ready to fight back.

If the situation worsens, you will likely be killed.

Keep an eye on your surroundings and try to stay calm.

Never let anyone near you.

Always keep your distance and your weapons, and always use the smallest, safest weapon available.

You can call the police if you feel that you are under attack.

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