How a security guard became a homeowner’s best friend

Security guard Mike Zaleski found himself in the middle of an escalating feud with his ex-wife, and the two were at odds over whether or not he should keep his guns.

The story of a former police officer turning into a security contractor and a former home owner discovering a mutual love for one another was told in a series of gripping and hilarious interviews, and it was also an emotional roller coaster for Zalesi and his wife.

The pair went to war over the fate of their son, who has Down syndrome, after he was diagnosed with autism.

The conflict was resolved with a $50,000 settlement in January, but Zalesis ex-wives feud continues.

(CNN) Security guard turned homeowner: Mike Zaliani and wife Amy (left) were living in a $500,000 house with a pool and a swimming pool when Amy went on maternity leave.

They had one son together, who lived with them.

Amy’s daughter, who had autism, lived with the couple for about a year.

Mike’s wife, who also lives in the house, said she never liked her husband and would occasionally leave the house alone, but Mike was always there to help.

When Amy’s son went on his first birthday, she said she didn’t want to be there for him, but she did take him to the doctor, and when he went to the hospital, he told her he was in a coma and that she would be able to see him.

She told her mother that if she wanted to see her son, she would have to leave.

Mike told Amy she had a problem with the man she married.

She said she had no idea that Mike would end up working for the company that owned the home, Security Door.

She was worried about her safety and wanted to be in control, but was surprised when Mike offered to pay the bills for her and her son to have their son.

She agreed, and soon after, Amy’s ex-husband came in to help Mike.

He was upset because Amy’s lawyer had called the police after Amy and her family had called police.

They called the Police Department, and Mike got a warrant to search the house.

They found Amy and the baby.

They gave Mike a list of people that would be allowed in the home if he didn’t leave.

After the baby was born, Amy called her ex-husband and told him about the situation.

Amy said that Mike told her that if Amy went to jail, Mike would be a lot more upset.

Amy was upset with Mike because he didn: He didn’t know what was going on. He didn

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