‘Bond’ security doors at Penrith Stadium will be ‘bonded’ for at least 30 years

A new security system at Penrhys Stadium is being rolled out to help prevent thefts, burglary and assaults.

Key points:Security doors at the Penriths Stadium will not be bolted to the wallThe doors will have locks and are to be bolted in place for up to 30 yearsThe system will help prevent burglaries and assaults in and around the venueSecurity doors on the ground at Penrose Stadium have been bolted to a wall for 30 years.

The security system was designed to prevent people entering the stadium from stealing the stadium’s goods or using it for drugs or sex.

The new security door locks and bolts were put in place following a tip-off from the Australian Crime Commission, the National Crime Agency and the Police Service of Northern Territory.

They will be the first in the AFL, NRL and A-League to have such a system.

It is part of a $6.4 million project to build a fence at Penrus Stadium that will separate the spectators from the inside of the stadium.

The fence will also separate visitors from the ground’s surrounding infrastructure, such as the grass and bleachers.

Penrith CEO Geoff Walsh said the security system would also be able to protect the club’s security, including the security of key staff.

“The doors at all times are bolted to metal so there is no way you can take anything through,” Mr Walsh said.

“It is the last barrier in and of itself.

You can’t enter or leave the stadium without getting your ticket or pass.”‘

It’s going to be a good investment’Penriths CEO Geoff Wade said the new security systems will help to make the Penris Stadium an attractive venue for visitors.

“We know that the average person is looking for a place to watch a game, we’re talking about $6,000 to $7,000 dollars of value for a seat,” he said.

Penrs stadium is a great opportunity for our business, Mr Wade said.

The system is being developed by a team of experts and the club is in discussions with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission about whether to license the system.

“There are a number of other major sporting facilities across the country that have similar security measures,” he explained.

“Our security systems are the first of their kind and will be designed to be the same at Penris as it is at any other sporting venue in Australia.”‘

We’re not looking to put a lot of people out of work’Penrhys CEO Geoff Rudd said he had been “delighted” to hear the AFL and NRL had been interested in investing in security systems.

“I don’t think we’ve seen anything like this in any of our games in the past,” Mr Rudd said.’

It was an excellent opportunity’PenRiders chairman David Curnow said the project would be a “good investment”.

“We’ve got security systems in place at PenRiders Stadium and we’ll be looking to expand that to other venues and to other sports venues,” Mr Curnows statement said.

He said the stadium had been a success with a turnover of about $3 million.

“This is a massive investment for the PenRider Group, and a very successful investment in the future of Penriders,” he told 7.30.

Mr Curnowing said the company had been in discussions for years with the AFL about the potential for Penruth Stadium to become a regional or national sporting venue.

He told 7:30 it was a “truly exciting time” for the NRL, as the game grew in popularity.

“You can see it’s just starting to get the attention it deserves and I think Penrids fans are a lot more enthusiastic about the game than ever before,” he added.

“When they see the NRL is building a stadium for Penrhies, it really is an excellent way for us to get some of that exposure for our club.”‘

I’m delighted’The Penrrhys football team said it was happy the security doors had been put in.

“To have these doors in place is fantastic news for our players and staff, who will be able go about their business in peace,” Penrides chief executive Dave Bowen said.

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