Australia: Key challenges to tackling Kisi Door Security

Australia is facing a “challenging” security situation, the nation’s most senior police officer has said.

Key points:The number of Australian citizens who have been reported missing by relatives is increasing with more people leaving Australia than coming in, leading to the rise of Kisi door technologyKisi door surveillance systems use cameras and lasers to spy on people’s homes and apartmentsKey pointsKey pointsKisi Door is the biggest national security threat to Australia’s security, Commissioner of Police Michael Phelan said in a statementKisi doors have been used to investigate hundreds of people over the past few years, including several who were abducted, killed or sexually assaulted.

“We have had to address this significant issue with a comprehensive approach to ensure the safety and security of all Australians,” Mr Phelen said.

“In recent months, the number of reported incidents involving Kisi doors has increased and in some cases tripled, with incidents reported to the police on average once every week.”

Mr Phelon said he was pleased that the police had received a number of complaints in recent weeks, with about 1,000 people having received calls from members of the public.

“Some of these people have reported incidents which are quite serious,” he said.”[But] there are also quite a few who have not reported any incidents at all.”

In recent weeks there has been an increase in reports of Kisa Door security systems in the country, Mr Pheran said.

Mr Pheras security officer, Senior Constable Greg O’Sullivan, said Kisi is one of the most significant threats to Australian national security.

“The reality is we are now facing a situation in which the number and intensity of the threats to our national security is now far greater than ever before,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

“These threats are not only coming from the home front, they are coming from our borders, they come from overseas and they are also coming from within our own borders.”

The commissioner said it was “an absolute no-brainer” that Australia should develop Kisa door technology.

“It is a matter of national security and it’s a matter that’s been recognised by the Australian government and the police,” he added.

“Australia is in a very difficult position and it is an absolute no brainer that we have to be working with our international partners on this.”

He said the Kisa system was “not only an incredibly powerful tool, it is also a tool that’s going to become much more prevalent”.

Mr Phedan said the threat to Australians was not only from overseas but from within.

“This is not an isolated issue,” he warned.

“There are people in our own country that are quite frankly more capable than any of us and that’s the challenge that we are facing.”

I am convinced that the only way to effectively protect Australians is to have a system in place that is built in place and that we all can be confident in.

“Mr O’Malley also said Kisa was a “legitimate” security measure and that he was confident Australians would not be alarmed by the potential for domestic security breaches.”

What we know about Kisa is that there is a real threat to our security that does not exist in other countries,” he explained.”

And that’s what we need to do to keep Australians safe and to protect our border.

“The Australian Federal Police will have an “initial discussion” with the department about Kisi and other technologies, Commissioner O’Brien said.

The department will also have a “preliminary review” into the threat posed by Kisa doors to the Australian community, Commissioner Phelans office said.


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