A ‘Bronze’ Security Door Could Help Detect Thieves

If you’re ever burgled, the odds of your home being found by someone with the right equipment are slim.

But a new system that uses lasers and a combination of GPS, 3D-vision, and optical imaging could help.

The system, called a ‘Bronx Security Door’ is a combination sensor and camera, said the project’s lead developer, Daniel Ting, at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

It works by tracking a door’s position and then using a combination GPS, laser, and a 3D scanner to determine whether the door is locked or unlocked.

It’s the first security door system to combine all three.

The project, which was published in Science Advances, was supported by the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy.

Ting is a professor of mechanical engineering at Cornell and the director of the Cornell Robotics Lab.

The concept uses an open-source open-space scanner, known as an FPGA, that can be used to track objects like doors and windows.

The scanner uses a computer algorithm to predict the position of the door using its location in space.

It then compares that prediction with a database of real-world objects to build a picture of the actual state of the object.

“It’s an open source tool that’s easy to use, and it’s fast,” said Ting.

“So we can have a lot of sensors that can detect doors and locks and other things that are very difficult to detect.

So we can actually have a wide range of things that we can test against.”

The system has already been tested in a small lab, with the aim of helping police detect burglars more quickly.

“We are hoping to get the system into a large police department that’s working on this kind of technology,” Ting said.

Tingle’s team is currently working with the police department in Washington, DC, to see if the system can be applied to other law enforcement agencies.

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